im trash. ih ate my ass. my ceremonial swords thirst for my blood

the idea of showing weakness in my life as a dude is just fucking laughable. like what a shortcut to abject loneliness that would be

the circumstances are certainly right for it. anyway gunna suppress it like a man. gunna man up

i feel like on the cusp of developing a real mental illness

ah im gunna follow this 'goku' clown on the website where he just posts depressed stuff

nobody uses this site unless theyre depressed

there comes a time for all allies to 'break' and pound one out to a sexy school girl anime

ghosting out on my entire life and dying on the australian rainforest sounds kinda epic right now

dont post selfies.. dont post 'em. just abstain. i dont want to know that you're hot. it helps me to not know that actually

log the fuck off you fucking idiot. sad sack piece of shit;. "log off"

log off cokgu. lol. log the fuck off goku. LOG off "goku". hey goku Log off

i really, really need to stop using twitter habitually

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ginyu force rules