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if a follow request gets stuck at a waiting for a public account canceling it and doing it again seems to fix it?

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i think my shoulder got dislocated for the first time when i was maybe 12? 11?

after over a decade of chronic pain i finally got formally diagnosed with EDS which is neat i guess. kinda already figured due to my gumby joints tho

its p silly that i need to regularly worry about forgetting to log into ff14 long enough to get evicted from my virtual home

im very bad at keeping in touch with people when theyre not in immediate physical proximity

im glad to be getting out of this apartment bc 7 people crammed into 1 rundown apartment where the shower never works and all our appliances are broken sucks, buuut im gonna miss some of my roommates a lot

im sick and my partner has been picking up medicine and food like an absolute angel

@goku gave u mod so you can domain block whatever "free speech" instances are popping up now

someone was hanging off the back of the subway car across the entire bridge the other day. i love public transit so much

i should prob just delete all my social media

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people who have their shit together intimidate me

one of the couples that lives here wants to move into a place with me and my partner which would be nice but also they both are super successful which is a stressful comparison

absolutely guarantee she's going to try and refuse parts of my security deposit for arguing with her

they abruptly told me at 10 pm last night that if i'm out by the 15th i'd pay half rent for the month. so i rescheduled all the things for the move, took off work, then this morning they tell me "no you still have to pay the full month"

screamed at my landlord twice in under 24 hours

but also, not having to live in an apartment with 7 people crammed into it will be nice

ive been looking upstate because rent is so much cheaper than the city but dang ill miss the subway

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