@Pliio yea in highschool they thought all my knee problems were from osgood-schlatter and kinda just ignored all my other joints lol.

@Pliio most doctors i had werent comfortable diagnosing it because they didnt know enough about it lol

@Pliio i already kiinda knew & was told it was likely around the time i had my knee reconstructed but they didnt really test my skin or anything so they didnt formally diagnose me

i think my shoulder got dislocated for the first time when i was maybe 12? 11?

after over a decade of chronic pain i finally got formally diagnosed with EDS which is neat i guess. kinda already figured due to my gumby joints tho

@Tasnyx i cant wear normal people shoes because i have what a podiatrist described as "monkey feet"

@killeveryhetero it took me so many hours to figure out how to add more threads to sidekiq bc of the docker stuff. and even when i figured it out, i dont think i ever actually figured out how to add more workers, just more threads to each worker. which for a tiny personal instance worked out fine, but idk what to do for big instances lol

its p silly that i need to regularly worry about forgetting to log into ff14 long enough to get evicted from my virtual home

im very bad at keeping in touch with people when theyre not in immediate physical proximity

im glad to be getting out of this apartment bc 7 people crammed into 1 rundown apartment where the shower never works and all our appliances are broken sucks, buuut im gonna miss some of my roommates a lot

@killeveryhetero noope i am bad at linux and ended up haphazardly restarting a bunch of shit until i got it to at least clear out errors. similarly it took me far too long to figure out how to assign more threads in sidekiq bc i used docker

@thatcosmonaut i didnt have moneyf or games as a kid so i just played flash games endlessly. i remember both cartoon network and nick both had weird multiplayer card games at some point linked toa ll their games and it ruled

@thatcosmonaut that samurai jack one was so good too augh!!!!

@thatcosmonaut hell yea i played that so much as a kid. do you remember the wild thornberries wildlife rescue game everyone played the hell out of on nick.com

@masklayer it does kinda look like that exact thing is happening, yeah. like they fucked up the thresholds or something

im sick and my partner has been picking up medicine and food like an absolute angel

@goku gave u mod so you can domain block whatever "free speech" instances are popping up now

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