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i havent really seriously done raids in the game since coil bc coordinating with randos is stressful and my server, while im attached to my virtual house, is filled with aggro 4chan

i need to start playing ff14 again but my Irony Exterior has eroded away and i am too fragile for raiding with randos

every time my cousins are in town i regret not learning spanish as a kid so so much

log off cokgu. lol. log the fuck off goku. LOG off "goku". hey goku Log off

we just finished driving from florida to ny and i am so tired

amazon has caused the average e-commerce customer to be infinitely more annoying and entitled

im in florida wit my partner and florida is bad but the tiny lizards everywhere are very good

crucible in d2 is just endless shotguns now which will be fine once i actually have one that goes in the primary slot and until then it is hell

i need to catch up on one piece but it feels like so much effort

saying fan TLs make series less likely to get licensed is absurd and many only get licensed because of the existing fanbase

definitely do not miss rando translators screaming at me over reading scanlations of unlicensed series

ive been way too hyper to sleep the last few nights which is going to make the trip tomorrow Rough

the nudge button in msn messenger was the worst thing ever made and i miss it so much

i get overly emotional at the incredibly cliche power of friendship shonen trope without fail every single time

i started rewatching season 1 of legion and forgot how incredibly good it is

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ginyu force rules